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Clean shed

May 10, 2019 Air purification equipment 465 views

Product Introduction

The clean shed is the fastest and most convenient to build a simple clean room. It uses industrial aluminum (or stainless steel, cold plate square tube) as the frame, uses its own fan filter unit (FFU) to supply air, and uses anti-static soft curtains (or Acrylic board) enclosure, the internal purification level can reach 100 to 100,000.

It is suitable for local areas in the workshop that require high cleanliness, such as assembly line operation area and high-precision product assembly area.

working principle:

The air blower sucks in the air from the top of the FFU. After initial efficiency and high-efficiency filtration, the filtered clean air is sent to the clean shed at the air outlet surface at a uniform speed to form a current uniform layer, and the air flow is unidirectional, thus ensuring the requirements in the working area. The cleanliness of safety.

Product Features:

* Assembled design, easy to install, greatly shortening the delivery cycle;

* Easy to move, silent universal wheel can be installed;

* Suitable for the construction of small clean areas;

* Modular structure, easy to improve the purification level, strong scalability, and high value of reuse;

* Relative to the ultra-clean workbench, the available internal space is large;

* Compared with the traditional clean room, the cost is low, the construction is fast, and the floor height is not limited.

Product configuration:

         1. Specifications: This product has no finalized specifications, and it is made according to the needs of customers.

2. Frame: Aluminum profile (stable, beautiful, no rust, no dust)

         3. Static curtain: 0.5mmT grid (good anti-static effect, high transparency, clear grid, good flexibility, no deformation, not easy to aging, dustproof and antistatic)

         4. The top cover of the clean room is made of 3mmT aluminum-plastic plate

        5. Partial use of special purification lamps for clean rooms

         6. Filter unit FFU: Adopt AC AC centrifugal fan, specification 1175*575*250mm, initial high-efficiency two-stage filtration system, filtration efficiency 99.99% (0.3um), adjustable wind speed, maximum air volume: 1200m3/h); The characteristics of long life, low noise, maintenance-free, low vibration, stepless speed change, etc. The fan is of reliable quality, long working life and unique air duct design, which greatly improves the efficiency of the fan and reduces noise

        7. FFU fan filter units are arranged at intervals on the top to achieve ten thousand purification levels

Standard drawing

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