Design parameters and requirements of a certain RTO unit roll-up air filter

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Design parameters and requirements of a certain RTO unit roll-up air filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 241 views

Recently, the company’s business staff reported that due to the increasingly severe air quality problems and stricter emission monitoring, there are many solid waste renovation projects nationwide. Customers from environmental protection engineering companies often inquire about the use of automatic shutter filters in exhaust gas projects the following parameters and design requirements include small series of a typical rolling unit RTO air filter, for all design references.

1.      Project name: RTO unit of a solid waste project in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province

2.      Equipment name and position number: Automatic rolling curtain air filter X0102

3.      The number of computers: 3 sets

4.      Design parameters and requirements

4.1 Air volume: 100000CMH

4.2 Composition: 95% air, a small amount of benzene, toluene, methanol, ethyl acetate, isobutyl ether, water vapor and other gases.

4.3 Take over size: DN500

4.4 Inlet relative humidity and inlet pressure of roller shutter filter

Relative humidity 100% , inlet pressure is about 2Kpa

4.5 Relative humidity requirements at the outlet of the filter

Filter outlet humidity <70%

4.6 Final pressure drop of filter

Filter final pressure drop <1Kpa

4.7 Basic parameters of filter

Filter cloth filtration, filtration efficiency: 85%@8um , manual and automatic adjustment, with imported brand differential pressure switch; imported brand electronic components; motor power 200W/380V , resistance loss “ 80~250Pa

Manufacturers are requested to design and select automatic rolling air filter equipment based on the above parameters, and provide the filter’s outline dimensions and basic conditions as soon as possible

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