Discuss on the market opportunity of Nanjing Yixi's Ecolead rolling curtain air filter in the spraying industry

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Discuss on the market opportunity of Nanjing Yixi's Ecolead rolling curtain air filter in the spraying industry

May 22, 2019 Industry News 272 views

The earth that has been eroded and occupied by smog, PM2.5, VOC, COD and other pollutants has seriously affected human life. In order to save our deteriorating environment, the country has adopted legal measures. By the end of 2016, “ten small” enterprises with serious pollution will be banned, and industrial pollution prevention and control will be vigorously controlled, and ten key industries will be specially treated. The state’s key support for the development of the environmental protection industry has undoubtedly tapped the unlimited potential of the environmental protection market, and it is a rare development opportunity for us. If you missed real estate 20 years ago and the Internet 10 years ago, you must not miss the environmental protection industry this time.

Nanjing Yixi’s Ecolead automatic roller shutter filter series products are widely used in various VOC organic waste gas, rubber and PVC waste gas purification, artificial leather waste gas purification, spray paint mist purification, textile industry shaping and finishing processes, waste gas treatment, metal processing, The oil fume and waste gas treatment in food processing, building materials, hotel and catering industries and public utilities areas such as hospitals and schools has the characteristics of stable and reliable technical performance, good treatment effects, investment savings, automated operation, and convenient maintenance and operation. Mainly used in machinery processing industry, petrochemical industry, chemical pharmaceutical industry, municipal waste industry, textile printing and dyeing, leather, food and other industries.

With many years of experience and extensive knowledge of air filters and purification equipment, we produce automatic winding filters with high-quality filter materials to achieve the best filtration performance. The roller shutter air filter can meet the specific requirements of various application fields from the development of customized filter materials to the final product design. For the filtration of flammable and explosive gases in the system, our company has developed and launched an explosion-proof automatic roller shutter air filter. Considering the clean, reliable operation and emission standards of the coating system, a large amount of clean air must be provided. In order to prevent dust in the air from causing spraying defects on the coating line, effective filtration of the inlet air and circulating air is necessary. Nanjing Yixi’s Ecolead automatic roller shutter filter and bag filter meet the high standards of surface coating technology, especially for the automotive industry. The Ecolead wrap-around filter effectively traps most of the contaminants in the pre-filtration stage. The adhesive-treated paint mist top cotton acts as a safety barrier to prevent potential dust and fibers from entering the spray area, thus ensuring the smooth finish of the paint surface. The high reliability and cost benefit of our products make our winding filter products the first choice for automotive surface coating and spray paint mist treatment systems.

In recent years, more and more domestic industrial waste gas treatment and environmental protection engineering companies have cooperated with us. Many coating equipment manufacturing companies and environmental engineering companies have listed us as the preferred supporting suppliers for engineering projects. Nanjing Yixiou aims to create people For a better tomorrow that is more harmonious with the natural environment, we will not forget our original intention and move on.

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