Ecolead provides you with four major misunderstandings in the selection of automatic rolling filter

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Ecolead provides you with four major misunderstandings in the selection of automatic rolling filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 209 views

The automatic roller shutter filter has become the main pre-filter for large particles of dust in the fresh air systems of many electronics factories, pharmaceutical factories, and sewage treatment plants. It is a must to improve cleanliness, protect back-end equipment, and extend the service life of advanced filters. Good tool. However, many companies will fall into various misunderstandings in the process of choosing automatic winding filters. Here, the sales staff of Nanjing Yixio listed the representative wrong views in the process of usual contact with customers. Reference for customers:
Misunderstanding 1: The larger the size of the coiled filter, the better

In many cases, customers will only provide a value of air volume to make a quotation. Then our business staff will select the size according to the design wind speed of each industry based on experience, but when the problem comes, customers often ask, we compare 3 price, your home size is not as big as other suppliers’ size. In fact, we choose the model according to industry practice and experience. If the size is selected, the customer’s cost will increase. Our aim is “only choose the right one.” “Yes, don’t choose the big one” and quote the size that best suits the customer’s use.

Misunderstanding 2: The more functions of the coiled filter, the better

The automatic rolling filter has standard functions and optional functions for selection. Many customers do not know the details and feel that the more functions, the better. In fact, it has to be determined according to the customer’s on-site installation situation, such as the missing alarm signal output of the winding filter , motor operation, and fault signal output. If there is no upper-level control system on site, these functions are configured. When it comes to the scene, it is useless and has no usability.

Misunderstanding 3: The lower the price of the wound filter, the better

Every customer wants to choose low-priced products, but customers also need to consider whether they can get good quality and service by keeping the purchase price to a minimum. In the current transparent market environment, the only possibility for low-priced products is to save material costs, vicious competition, market seizures, and competition for users, users cannot be greedy for cheap, and ultimately harm their own interests. Moreover, a good price and a good service are complementary to each other. A too low quotation is often a discount on the functions and services that the product should have, and it is irresponsible to the customer.

Misunderstanding 4: The winding filter is a good product produced by large enterprises

Although there are several large domestic companies that have roller shutter filter products, its high price, long delivery time, and the rule of not being able to customize any size, is it really suitable for you? Specialized in the technical industry, our company has accumulated long-term experience in the production, sales, installation and commissioning of coiled filters. As a professional coiled filter provider, we provide you with practical user training and professional services. Considering the economy and working space of the work area, in addition to completing the quality confirmation documents required during installation and trial operation.

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