How does the roller blind filter start to work

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How does the roller blind filter start to work

May 22, 2019 Industry News 211 views

Roll-up filter, also known as automatic winding filter, is a filter used for primary filtration. Ordinary primary filters are often used in new air outlets of ventilation systems. The working environment is harsh, frequent replacements and manual replacement of primary filters are time-consuming and laborious, and high operating costs. Automatic winding filters were born to address these problems. .

So, how does the automatic winding filter usually work? From its control method, we divide it into automatic control and manual control.

The manual control of the automatic winding filter means that the filter material needs to be replaced by visual observation, and then press the switch to make the motor run. After the dirty filter material of the filter section is replaced, press the switch to stop. In this process, the motor rotates to wind the dirty filter material through the winding system, and when the motor starts and the motor running time is determined by the operator.

Automatic control means that the automatic winding filter uses the pressure difference switch to determine when to replace the filter material. The control program runs the motor according to the signal transmitted by the pressure difference switch, and replaces the rate material without personnel involvement. When the entire roll of filter material is used up, an alarm signal will be issued to remind you to replace the entire roll of filter material. In this process, when the motor starts is determined by the differential pressure switch, and the motor running time is the time entered in the program. Both the value set by the differential pressure switch and the time in the program can be easily adjusted.

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