One of the reasons for the price gap in the air shower room market: analysis of the material and surface treatment process of the air shower room

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One of the reasons for the price gap in the air shower room market: analysis of the material and surface treatment process of the air shower room

May 22, 2019 Industry News 290 views

After nearly a decade of development, the clean room industry has evolved from the original old-brand foreign-funded enterprises AAF and Camfil to dominate the world. Today, domestic-funded purification equipment and air filter companies are blooming everywhere. Clean rooms and clean rooms cannot be said to be household names in the industry, but It’s not an exaggeration to say that everyone knows it. The price and delivery period of foreign-funded enterprises cannot be guaranteed. With the widespread use of clean room in bio-medicine, food and beverage, electronics, packaging, chemical industry, as a typical clean room equipment air shower, has been perceived by the public. Nowadays, talking to relatives and friends about the clean room and air shower equipment, many people have seen it before and can even analyze the quality, and can tell the difference between the quality and price of various brands and manufacturers. The main purpose of the air shower room is to play the role of dust and buffer when the shower personnel enter. It is installed at the entrance of the dust-free workshop to block external dust pollution outside. The air shower room is the goalkeeper of the clean room, which directly affects the cleanliness of the clean room and the grade of use and management, and further affects the pass rate of the product.

     Due to the slowdown of domestic economic growth and the sluggish market economy, various purification equipment manufacturers have been in a state of vicious competition in order to take orders, and the air shower has shown a phenomenon of low prices and poor quality. So how should the user know the key factors of selection when choosing an air shower supplier. The following editor will select a few key points for you to analyze:

1,   The material of the air shower room: First of all, there are three mainstream materials of color steel plate, cold plate paint air shower room and stainless steel air shower room. Among them, the color steel plate is of poor quality and cannot be controlled and interlocked after a long period of time, and it is basically no longer in use at present. The steel plate air shower mainly depends on the thickness of the material and the surface treatment process. The cheap ones on the market use the material thickness of 0.8-1.0 , which is thin and easy to deform. After the frequency of use is high, the interlocking and door closers will easily fail to work. Generally, it is recommended to use steel plate material of 1.2mm or above. Another material is stainless steel, which is subdivided into multiple types. At present, the purification industry mainly uses 304 2B stainless steel. This stainless steel is made of stainless steel with more than 9 nickels, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. However, many manufacturers on the market will use 201 stainless steel. This price is very different from the price of 304 stainless steel. Many small manufacturers will also use 0.8-1.0 thickness. The same thickness and strength are not enough, and the surface is easy to deform. It is interlocked and the whole The control mechanism is out of function. Nanjing Yixiou Company generally uses stainless steel with a thickness of 1.2mm and guarantees that it is made of pure 304 stainless steel.

The following focuses on popularizing professional surface treatment technology. Many manufacturers spray themselves or go to small manufacturers to spray. One of the most important links is the need for pickling and phosphating. Many manufacturers or spray manufacturers to save costs There is no pickling and phosphating tank, and no pickling and phosphating. If this step is missing, the paint itself is difficult to adhere to the equipment, and over time, it is easy to corrode and remove the paint. Although the price of such a steel plate air shower room is cheap, in fact, the customer’s gain is not worth the loss. After a long time, the appearance and performance of the air shower room cannot play the expected role.

The air shower room, transfer window, and high-efficiency air outlet of Nanjing Yixiou purification equipment are all subjected to strict pickling, phosphating and degreasing treatment, and the pretreatment process before baking. The quality of the coating and the life of the workpiece have a huge Impact

1.      Degreasing: mainly mineral oil, grease, animal and vegetable oil, these attached grease will reduce the hardness and gloss of the coating

2.      Rust removal: Yellow rust can promote the spread of corrosives under the coating, making the coating lose its shielding and moisture impermeability, and cause early damage to the coating under the condition of high temperature and high humidity, loose yellow rust, poor adhesion, and The coating comes off together

3.      Phosphating: Phosphating is the most important part of pretreatment. Use acid (or alkali) solution to remove excess alkali (or acid) on the surface in the rust removal process, and adjust the pH to be as neutral as possible ( PH=7 ). Treat metal workpieces with orthophosphate solutions of phosphate manganese, zinc, and cadmium to form an insoluble protective film on the workpiece. The formed film has a structure with tiny holes, which increases the contact area of the coating and improves Improve the adhesion of the coating to the workpiece.

The above process is not strictly done for the air shower room of small manufacturers or cheap air shower room products. Therefore, after the above analysis, I hope that customers can carefully screen the materials and processes of the air shower room, and they can go to professional manufacturers to buy them. Reliable purification equipment products.

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