Operating Regulations for Automatic Rolling-up Air Filter

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Operating Regulations for Automatic Rolling-up Air Filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 189 views

When we buy anything new, we always have to get familiar with it for a period of time. Although any product comes with a manual, most people still don’t bother to look through the lengthy manual. Therefore, Nanjing Yixiou lists the necessary operating procedures for the automatic roller shutter air filter for each customer:

Roll-up filter start preparation and operation before operation

l Check whether the equipment around is firm and swaying

l Check if sealing measures are done around the equipment to prevent unfiltered air from directly entering the back end of the filter

l Check whether the external power supply is properly connected

l PLC control system debugging (omitted), linked with the main control PLC system, debugged by the main control system manufacturer

Replacement operation of the old filter material of the roll-up filter

l When the entire roll of filter material is finished, the upper travel switch will act, the control system will transmit a signal, and the buzzer will alarm to remind the filter to be replaced;

l Operate the control panel on the electric control box, enter the manual mode, and roll up the dirty filter material;

l Raise the dirty filter material from the left to the right and lift it diagonally upwards to move it out of the right shaft. Then pull the dirty filter material to the right as a whole, and remove it from the winding tube of the old filter material;

    Installation operation of new filter material of roller shutter filter

l Press down the lock of the new filter box above to open the new filter box;

l Remove the stainless steel clip strips at both ends, take out the new filter material winding round tube, stuff it into the paper tube in the middle of the new filter material roll, and then stuff the new filter material into the new filter material box;

l Both ends of the round tube are clamped between the two short profiles, and then the clip is clamped into the profile groove, and the round tube is pressed tightly;

l After completion, pass the filter material through the lower part of the compression frame made of the square tube, and then pass through the gap between the top profile and the adjustment tube, pull down at a constant speed, pass through the front and rear steel bars all the way to the end, and cover the filter box. Lock the lock.

Precautions for the operation of the roller shutter filter

l The new filter material round tube must be stuck between the two short profiles, the plug is inserted, and the filter material needs to be placed forward to confirm the winding direction. If the surface where the filter material box is located is the front, look from the right side, the filter The material is rolled down clockwise;

l The new filter material must pass under the compression frame made of the square tube, between the front and rear compression bars;

l The new filter material should be pulled down at a constant speed, and the distance between the two sides should be symmetrical, and the edges of both sides should be stuck in the baffle plates on both sides to prevent air leakage;

l After the new filter material is installed, it must be manually wound to prevent it from falling off and causing the phenomenon of inclined winding;

l When the size of the equipment is too large, especially the height is high, safety protection measures must be taken when replacing the filter material.

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