Precautions for daily maintenance of automatic rolling filter

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Precautions for daily maintenance of automatic rolling filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 195 views

During the daily use of the automatic rolling filter , what matters need to be paid attention to? This is also the work that our after-sales personnel often mention when training the owner. The dynamic rolling filter is a filter that can automatically replace the filter material. The air purifier is actually a kind of air purification equipment, so we need to treat it from the perspective of equipment. What should I pay attention to? The editor collects and organizes for customers’ reference:

1. Daily maintenance of differential pressure switch

The differential pressure switch is the guarantee for the normal use of the automatic control function of the automatic winding filter. You may need to wind multiple times on site to observe the pollution degree of the filter material, and then comprehensively adjust the factory value of the differential pressure switch according to the company’s requirements for the filtration level, and set a value that suits your plant and product needs. In use, it is necessary to observe the nozzle of the pressure difference switch on the inlet and outlet sides from time to time to check whether it is blocked, whether the nozzle is offset, and the distance from the filter cotton. The above situation needs to be dealt with in time to ensure the normal automatic function.

2. Routine maintenance of the winding drive system

Regularly check the chain drive system to confirm that all components are operating normally without deformation or damage. If slight deformation is encountered, the cause of the deformation should be found early to avoid the situation that small holes are not filled and large holes are generated. If the deformation is serious, you need to contact the equipment manufacturer as soon as possible to order replacement parts. Since the winding system of the automatic winding filter is mostly carbon steel, it is necessary to clean the dust collection on the surface regularly, and regularly add lubricating oil to the transmission parts such as chains, bearings, and gears.

3. Daily maintenance of filter media

As the special cotton for automatic roller blind filter is a consumable product, it is necessary for the daily maintenance personnel to always pay attention to the use of the filter material, and purchase the spare parts of the filter cotton as soon as possible to prepare for emergencies. When the filter material on the last side is exhausted, the control system will give an audible and visual alarm to remind that the filter material is almost used up. After replacing the entire roll of filter material, check whether the components are installed correctly, remove the residual silk thread on the back of the non-woven fabric to prevent the thread from winding the stroke switch, triggering the missing filter alarm, and causing unnecessary trouble.

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