Suzhou Tianfu Electronic Materials

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Suzhou Tianfu Electronic Materials

May 22, 2019 Performance and case 437 views

Project name: Tianfu electronic material purification equipment production and installation

Project introduction: clean shed, wind shower room, BFU design, production and installation

Undertake time: 2012.9

  Suzhou Tianfu Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Modern Industrial Square in Suzhou Industrial Park. It is a South Korean wholly foreign-owned enterprise established in 2010. The company is a manufacturer of parts and materials, and its main business includes the development, production and processing of high-tech materials for LCD, TV, and notebook computers. Suzhou Tianfu Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is affiliated to the Korean head office. The head office was established in July 2005. The head office mainly supplies various materials used in the technology industry, including silicon, black lead, polycarbonate, polyurethane, and polycarbonate. Ethylene and other main materials are used to manufacture and process heat-resistant, insulating, conductive, flame-retardant, and EMI shielding products.

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