Technical agreement for blower inlet roller shutter filter

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Technical agreement for blower inlet roller shutter filter

May 22, 2019 Industry News 201 views

1. Quantity: Imported roller shutter filter , 3 sets.

2. Process requirements:

1. Design basic conditions:

1.1 Address

This project is located in Shandong; work system: 24 hours a day, continuous operation.

1.2 Installation location : indoor

1.3 Plant public engineering conditions and site conditions

Atmospheric pressure ( average value ) , for reference only



Inlet air temperature, for reference only

-10 40


1.4.1 Power

High voltage : 6000V ± 5% 50Hz ± 2%

Low voltage : 380 ± 5% 50Hz ± 2%

Control power supply: 220V ± 5% 50Hz ± 2%

3. Technical parameter table of roller shutter filter






Inlet flow



Inlet pressure (A)



Inlet temperature



Outlet pressure (G)


82 ( gauge pressure )

Shaft power



Rotating speed



4. Rolling curtain air filter control system

1, the configuration imported brands PLC control system

2, local media exhaustion audible alarm

3, the reservation signal filter exhausted dry contact

4. Reserve dry contact of motor fault signal

5. Preset motor thermal overload protection

Five, inspection and testing

1 material, rolling filter wheel, spindle rotating member coupling the like, comply with the relevant standards and provisions of the pattern, and for nondestructive testing of mechanical properties test.

2, the fan impeller through the dynamic and static balance check to ensure balance level, not less than G2.5 and issue a report.

3, the seller should provide the documentation on the quality assurance of these documents include at least:

Product inspection certificate (including main purchased parts); product parts manufacturing and inspection records; main parts material inspection certificate; main parts material test reports, quality control of parts to ensure manufacturing accuracy and meet design parameter requirements.

4, material into the plant inspection

After the raw materials of the main rotating parts (such as main shafts, gears, etc.) enter the factory, they must be sampled for chemical composition analysis ; 100 % of the main shafts are subjected to ultrasonic flaw detection.

5, after the processing of the impeller, the mechanical operation tests, coloring tests many times.

6, the rotary member are made to test the mechanical properties after the heat treatment, after finishing to meet the design requirements.

7, the low-speed impeller balancing test, but also a low speed rotor balancing test. Balance accuracy grade G2.5 .

6. Goods arrival acceptance criteria

1, the device shall be suitable for transportation, attachments are packaged in packaging, shipping and marked before the corresponding symbol. The equipment transportation meets safety requirements to avoid deformation and damage during transportation.

2, all fittings, valves, flanges, bolts and other components, and the apparatus measures are protected during storage and prevent the occurrence of damage during transport, corrosion, to prevent debris from entering the inner parts.

3, provide a breakdown, indicate the manufacturer and country of origin, as well as device model and the corresponding number of other key components of equipment and consumables are supplied.

4, paint

4.1 Except for the machine-added surface, the surface of all ferrite materials is coated with two layers of primer and one topcoat, and all the processed surfaces are coated with anti-rust agent. The top coat temperature is 200 ℃;

4.2 The inside of the fan is cleaned with anti-rust agent.

5, logo

5.1 The nameplates and steering arrows of the fan, oil pump and auxiliary equipment are made of 18-8 stainless steel and fixed in a conspicuous position.

5.2 The disassembled parts are matched and marked.

5.3 All materials that have been transported separately should be marked with appropriate signs or marked to indicate their position number and serial number.

6, packaging and transport

6.1 According to the corresponding national standards or industry standards, the supplier shall take moisture-proof and shock-proof measures in accordance with the characteristics of the product, ensure that the packaging is firm and comply with the relevant regulations of the shipping department.

6.2 Indicate the product name, product number and other corresponding marks. In addition to the above-mentioned content, spare parts and special tools must be marked with “special tools” and “included spare parts”.

6.3 The accompanying documents include packing list, operation manual, quality certification documents, product qualification certificate, unit test report, etc., all sealed and packaged in plastic bags and reliably fixed on the inner wall of the packing box.

7, Delivery: buyer site

8. The installation method of the motor and fan is split type, and Party A is responsible for providing the outline dimension drawing of the motor; Party B is responsible for providing the motor base and design drawings;

9. Motors and fans are quoted separately.

7. Technical service and quality and performance guarantee.

1. Quality and performance guarantee

1.1 The seller shall ensure that the equipment it provides is brand new and unused, and meets the quality, specifications and performance requirements stipulated in the contract in all aspects.

1.2 The seller guarantees that the supplied equipment meets the requirements of the contract within 7 days after the entire system is operated after the correct installation and commissioning . If the technical parameters of this agreement are not met, the equipment must be rectified. If the equipment still fails to meet the requirements within 7 days after the rectification When required, the entire set of equipment must be replaced until the design requirements are met.

1.3 The seller shall guarantee that within the quality guarantee period stipulated in the contract, he shall be responsible for any defects, failures and damages of the production line caused by the design, workmanship, manufacturing, installation, commissioning or material defects provided and all due to the seller’s responsibility.

1.4 The quality guarantee period is one year after the production line is officially put into operation and acceptance or eighteen months after the last batch of goods arrives at the installation site, whichever occurs first. If the goods or specifications are found to be inconsistent with the contract stipulations during the quality guarantee period or the goods are proved to be defective (including potential defects or the use of inappropriate materials), the buyer has the right to lodge a claim against the seller.

1.5 The seller is responsible for the whole process of equipment design, manufacture, pressure test, packing, transportation, on-site production, installation and commissioning.

1.6 The seller repairs or replaces the product damage caused by non-buyer during the quality guarantee period, and provides new spare parts and repair spare parts to the water treatment plant of Shandong company for free;

1.7 If the equipment is damaged due to improper transportation, the seller shall bear full responsibility.

1.8 During the equipment manufacturing process, the tendering party may send personnel to the seller to supervise and inspect the manufacturing, and the seller shall actively cooperate.

2 Spare parts must be individually packaged and marked when shipped with the host equipment. The main equipment is roller blind filter cotton .

2.1 During the warranty period, the seller shall provide the equipment and spare parts damaged by non-buyer reasons free of charge.

2.2 Provide a detailed list of spare parts and wearing parts, and indicate the place of origin and manufacturer.

2.3 Spare parts Spare parts are specified as spare parts and wearing parts.

2.4 All missing and reissued equipment shall be shipped to the Shandong construction site, and all additional costs incurred shall be borne by the seller.

2.5 If the equipment fails during operation, the seller shall arrive at the site within 24 hours and repair it in time. The length of time to the factory shall also be used as one of the basis for bid evaluation.

8. The supplier shall provide valid equipment environmental protection and energy saving certification materials issued by the relevant state departments; all purchased parts must provide the original supplier’s certificate and all original factory materials;

9. The manufacturer is responsible for free guidance of installation and commissioning and personnel training;

X. Delivery time: the goods will arrive 30 days after the contract is signed.

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